Health Care Providers

Doctor's office staff

As one of the largest federal programs dedicated to improving health quality at the local level, we’re here to help you deliver person-centered, safer and more effective care in your community.

By participating in a local Quality Innovation Network (QIN)-QIO initiative, you’ll gain access to valuable resources, including evidence-based improvement strategies that are aligned with other major health quality initiatives and that can help you prepare for participation in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Quality Payment Program

Working with a QIN-QIO, you and your peers will share knowledge on critical health care quality and safety issues while discovering real-world best practices that will work in your own facility or practice. You’ll also help your peers replicate your successes and avoid your challenges – and they’ll help you do the same.

Partnering with the QIO Program will allow you to make a difference in your own community while contributing to national health quality goals that benefit all Americans. It’s an opportunity to share your organization’s experience and proven solutions with a broader community.

The QIO Program can also help you understand what is involved in different national quality initiatives and how they all work together to achieve the common goals of better patient care, better health for populations and communities, and lower costs through improvement.